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Washington Child Support

What about daycare or childcare expenses?

Daycare and childcare expenses under the Washington State Child Support Guidelines.

The Washington Child Support guidelines require each parent to pay a pro-rata share of work-related daycare and childcare expenses.  If you questions about how the guidelines would calculate your pro-rata share, your should consult with an experienced Washington child support lawyer.

Unless extraordinary circumstances are present, the Court will almost always order both parties to help pay for daycare and other expenses for any children covered under the Order of Child Support.  The amount a parent will pay is generally the same percentage they would be expected to pay of basic support obligation.

For example, if the mother is expected to pay 67% of the basic support obligation and the father expected to contribute 33%, then the parties are also expected to pay this same percentage of any work-related daycare expenses.

Under Washington State Law the parent obligated to pay child support and daycare costs to the other parent has the right to ask for any receipts of the daycare or other expenses actually paid. The obligor parent may ask the Court to order the other party to payback daycare or other expenses for which they have paid but the expense was not actually incurred.

This is a common problem, so it is important that if you are asking the Court to have the other parent pay these expenses you should be prepared to show proof that these expenses are necessary and are actually being incurred.

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