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Washington Child Support Guidelines

Washington Child Support is calculated from the Washington State Child Support Schedule.  If you have questions about Washington child support or want to learn more about what your WA State Child Support payment would be, we invite you to call and speak with an experienced WA child support lawyer during a free phone consultation.

After a child is born either parent may petition the Court or the Department of Social and Health Services for help in determining child support for the child. When this happens the Court or DSHS must order that the parents or a step-parent owning a duty of support to the child pay child support based on their combined net incomes, the age of the child and the Washington State Child Support Schedules.

There can be a number of other factors involved in determining how much child support will be ordered. These factors can include amount of residential time the child spend with the parent obligated to pay the support, special needs of the child, extraordinary debt involuntarily incurred by a parent and the duty of the obligated parent to support other minor children.

The intent of the legislature in determining child support is to insure that the child’s basic needs are met, therefore it is highly unlikely the Court would ever enter a Zero amount for a child support obligation.

Washington State Child Support Schedule

(206) 682-8383  ~  Seattle

(253) 444-5541  ~  Tacoma

(360) 350-4626  ~  Olympia