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Washington Child Support Deviations

When can you deviate from the WA State Guidelines?

Deviations in Washington State Child Support

The Court can deviate from the basic child support calculation based upon the Washington Child Support Guidelines for a number of reasons.

These reasons can include, but are not limited to, income of other adults in the household; child support or spousal maintenance actually received from other relationships; gifts or prizes received; possession of extraordinary wealth; extraordinary income of the child; extraordinary debt involuntarily incurred; significant disparity in income of the parents; or special needs of the children.

The Court may also deviate from the basic child support obligation if the child spends a significant amount of time with parent who is obligated to pay the support or if that parent has other children that they owe a duty to support. 

Deviations are completely at the discretion of the Court and are not considered a right. The Court looks at all the factors included and still seeks to insure that the child’s basic needs are met when they are with either parent.

Our attorneys help to insure that the appropriate deviation, if necessary, is implemented so that both parties are able to provide support to the child without undue strain on either household.